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Victim/Witness Assistance Division

The Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Victim/Witness Assistance Division educates crime victims about the criminal justice process and provides information about the social service agencies that can best handle their particular needs.

Services are available to victims of assault, homicide, sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, or any other cases involving serious bodily injury and to relatives of deceased victims.

Upon indictment of a felony case, or acceptance of an applicable misdemeanor case by the Criminal District Attorney’s Office, the Victim/Witness Assistance Division sends a contact packet to the crime victim.  The packet contains an introduction letter, informational brochures, Victim Impact Statements for victim to complete, and applications for Crime Victims’ Compensation.

Victims are encouraged to keep in contact with the coordinator assigned to their case. The coordinators will provide victims with docket dates, jail status, case disposition, information about available social services and information about the VINE program.  They will offer assistance in completing the Crime Victims’ Compensation application and the Victim Impact Statement, and help victims understand and cope with courtroom procedure and policies. This Division also provides courtroom accompaniment as needed during court proceedings. Other agencies, such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and the Rape Crisis Center (The Turning Point) may provide court accompaniment as well.   The Victim/Witness Assistance Division provides a comfortable waiting area, away from the courts and media, where victims and/or their families can relax and feel secure during the course of a trial.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Division provides an established place where victims can turn in their search for justice and understanding. By devoting significant resources to crime victims, the Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office seeks to make their journey through the criminal justice system as comforting as possible, while representing their interests and helping to protect their rights.

Susan Webb, Victim Coordinator, has been employed with the Victim Witness Unit since 1993. Ms. Webb is assigned to cases as follows: District Courts 219th, 380th, and 429th, County Court at Law CCL#1, CCL#2, and CCL#3.

Ms. Webb holds a Professional Victim Coordinator certification through the Texas District and County Attorney Association and is a member of the Collin County Social Services Association, Texas District and County Attorney Association, Texas Victim Service Association, Collin County Crime Victims’ Council and a lifetime member of National Office of Victim Assistance.

Ms. Webb is currently serving on a three-year planning committee for the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association.

Sandra Godwin, secretary for the Victim Assistance Unit, joined the Collin County District Attorney's Office in February 2003. She was quickly promoted to Intake and has served as secretary for the prosecutors in County Court at Law No's 3,4 & 6.

Chris Jenkins

Sandra Godwin joined the Collin County Criminal District Attorney's Office in February 2003. She has served in the Intake Section and as a secretary in the Misdemeanor Trial Division.  Ms. Godwin has served in her current position as secretary in the Victim/Witness Assistance Division since 2007. 

TEXAS VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday):

Collin County is a participant in the TEXAS VINE program. TEXAS VINE provides a crime victim with easy-to-obtain basic information and notifications on jailed suspects/offenders and their scheduled court events.  This is a free service available for the public and designed specifically to better served crime victims.  TEXAS VINE is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in both Spanish and English.

Criminal District Attorney Greg Willis encourages victims to make TEXAS VINE part of their safety plan.  Offenders will never know whether victims are registered with TEXAS VINE. However, victims should not depend solely on TEXAS VINE for their protection.  If a victim feels threatened by an offender, they should take precautions as if the inmate were already released.  If any victims or witness receives any threat, they should immediately contact the arresting agency to report the matter.

For more information about the VINE program, please call (877) 894-8463.  You can also visit the VINE website at  Click here for still more information.

Collin County Resources

Assistance Center – (972) 422-1850

Children’s Advocacy Center – (972) 633-6600

Crossroads Family Services – (972) 578-2802

District Attorney Victim Services – (972) 548-3692 or (972) 548-4357

Hope’s Door Women’s Shelter – (972) 422-7233

MADD – (214) 585-4616

Natl. Domestic Violence Hotline - (800)799-7233

Samaritan Inn – (972) 542-5302

Suicide Crisis Center – (214) 828-1000

The Turning Point – (972) 985-0951

Victims Outreach – (214) 358-5173

VINE – (877) 894-8463

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