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Collin County Prosecutors Ask for, Jury Gives 2 Life Sentences in Aggravated Assault, Drug Case

(McKINNEY, Texas) – Earlier this month Collin County prosecutors asked for, and the jury sentenced defendant Carlos Delarosa to two life sentences and $10,000 fine on two charges of aggravated assault/family member, 60 years in prison (Texas Department of Corrections) and a $100,000 fine on the possession with intent to deliver case, 20 years TDC and $10,000 fine on the third aggravated assault charge, and two years and a $10,000 fine on the evading arrest charge.  Two of the three aggravated assaults were against family members so they were first degree felonies.  Delarosa was also charged with possession with intent to deliver over 400 grams of cocaine and evading arrest. 

Prosecutors Gail Leyko and Kelley Sullivan handled the cases, along with their investigator Kenneth Moore.  “I couldn’t be prouder of Gail, Kelley, and Kenneth,” Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said, “they put their heart and soul into working these cases.  And the jury sent a strong message that Delarosa’s violent conduct won’t be tolerated in Collin County.”

The defendant was living in Plano at the time with his wife and 6 children.  On the evening of April 25, 2009, the defendant, his wife (Serena Delarosa) who was 7 months pregnant at the time, and her brother Robert Enriquez and Robert’s girlfriend, Stacy Guardado went out to a comedy club.  There was drinking by all and they seemed to all be getting along that evening.  After the night out, the four went back to the defendant’s house where Robert and Stacy had already planned on spending the night.   Also in the house were 13 children belonging to the four adults.  Robert and Stacy went to sleep with their one year old daughter in the bed with them.  The defendant and Serena got into an argument because one of the children wanted to have a friend spend the night.  Serena ended up locking the defendant out of the house.  The defendant came back in and loaded his gun and shot Serena in the head.  He then went into the bedroom where Robert and Stacy were sleeping and shot Stacy in the face and Robert in the thigh.  He threatened to shoot the baby.  The oldest son walked into the area where defendant was and the defendant pointed the gun at him.  The defendant fled the residence and several of the people inside the home called 911. 

All of the victims survived, including Serena’s baby who had to be delivered by emergency C-section at 30 weeks.

Plano police located the defendant and got in a high-speed chase with him..  He ultimately wrecked out and Plano PD rescued the defendant from the burning car.  The gun was recovered from the car and it was discovered that it was jammed.  Upon searching the house with a warrant, the detectives discovered a kilo of cocaine in the garage in the defendant’s toolbox.  District Attorney Willis remarked, “the Plano Police Department did an excellent job on this case.”  Willis added that the main officers involved were Detective Brian Pfaning, Detective Larry Bartek, Detective Carlos Harwell, officer Bradley Hutton, officer Kenneth Foale, officer Jason Moses, officer Chris Sanders,officer Matt Quillin, officer Brian Kailbourne, and CSI Susan Smith.”

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